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The 'Scales and Modes for Guitar' e-book for beginners, intermediate and advanced players offers amazing value with 19 popular scales and modes for Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Jazz, Fusion and Classical guitar playing styles and genres.

This e-book includes fingerings, notes and also intervals for each scale and mode in both 'three notes per string' and 'box/cage' style fingering patterns.

Each Scale and mode is discussed with information on their genres, intervals and chords they are suitable for. Also included are various chords that work with each scale or mode with fingerings, notes and intervals also illustrated.

The Chords include various voicings for major triads, major 6's, major 7's, major 9's, minor triads, minor 6's, minor 7's, minor 9's, dominant 7's, dominant 9's, 11th's 13th's, minor 7b5's, minor+7's, diminished, 7b9's, 13b9's, dom7b9's, major 7#5's, major 7b5's, and dom 7#5's.

Only £9.99 - about $13.50 or 11.50 Euros at time of writing. Please check your countries exchange rate before buying as rates constantly change and vary between countries. 

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Scales & Modes for Guitar 189 pagesScales & Modes for Guitar 189 pages (PDF) Only £9.99 (about $13.50)

Drawing from the 'Guitar Scales Charts' page, this scales and modes e-book has been updated and added to in terms of information and quality and shear value. Written in a clear, easy to understand style, this pdf e-book is perfect for beginners while offering plenty of charts and useful information for intermediate and advanced players alike. More info further down.

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Printable PDF format

Once downloaded you can simply print whatever pages you want so you can practice with no computer if needed. If you teach you can pass the charts to whoever you wish with my blessing.

Content - Theory

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Scales
  • Basic Theory
  • What Scales to Learn (various styles & genres)
  • Understanding the Charts
  • Interval Theory (beginners)
  • Interval Theory (intermediate) 
  • Key-Centres (beginners) incl. major/minor relatives etc.

Scales and Modes Covered

Major Scale and Related Modes

  • The Major Scale
  • Dorian Mode
  • Phrygian Mode
  • Lydian Mode
  • Mixolydian Mode
  • Locrian Mode

The Minor Scales

  • The Natural Minor Scale
  • The Harmonic Minor Scale
  • The Melodic Minor Scale

Pentatonic and Blues Scales

  • The Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • The Minor Blues Scale
  • The Major Pentatonic Scale
  • The Major Blues Scale

Symmetrical Scales

  • The Whole-Half Diminished Scale
  • The Half-Whole Diminished Scale
  • The Augmented Scale
  • The Whole-Tone Scale

Bebop Scales

  • Dominant Bebop Scale
  • Major Bebop Scale

This Scales & Modes e-book is exceptional value for money at

Only £9.99

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Scales & Modes for Guitar 189 pagesScales & Modes for Guitar 189 pages (PDF) Only £9.99 (about $13.50)

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