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The Blues Guitar Scale E-book offers incredible value for money at only £4.99?!

This great little e-book includes finger positions, notes and also intervals for each scale as well as the most common chords for blues guitar that also include finger positions, notes and intervals too!

Printable PDF Format

For an exceptionally low price you'll be able to practice with no internet connection or you can simply print off the charts so you can study and practice with no computer at all!

Content - Theory

This e-book contains nearly all the theory that the 'Scales and Modes' e-book does, which is a lot...

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Scales
  • Basic Theory - 
  • Understanding the Charts
  • Interval Theory - beginners
  • Interval Theory - intermediate 
  • Key-Centres - beginners/intermediate

There are also a lot of different charts to help understand the theory easier.

Scales Covered

The minor pentatonic is illustrated in three separate keys; E, G and A.

  • The Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • The Minor Blues Scale
  • The Major Pentatonic Scale
  • The Major Blues Scale


I've included the main dominant seven chords used in blues guitar chord progressions with a few different voicings for some added variety...

The Blues Guitar Scales e-book is 

Only £4.99!

You may ask why it's so cheap? Because I know many people don't have much money and can't afford any more. I've spent a lot of time creating the 'Scales & Modes for Guitar' e-book which this one has developed from so I need to charge something.

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view PDF files. Most computers already have it installed, but if you don't have it you can get it free at 

Blues Guitar Scales 65 pages Only £4.99 (about $6.60 at time of writing)

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