Some Backing Tracks to Play Along to for Practice...

Please Note: All scales and modes played anywhere on this site can be found in the brilliant and very cheap 'Scales & Modes For Guitar' e-book.

The first backing track below is a slow tempo blues in the key of B. The chords played are Dominant Seventh Chords. The first chord is B7, the second chord is E7 and the third chord is F#7. These make up the standard I-IV-V (1-4-5) blues chord progression in B. Dominant Seventh chords are the main chord types played for the blues and discussed on the blues guitar chords page and also the blues guitar instruction page.

All I'm doing in the video below is playing around over the B minor pentatonic scale as demonstrated on the first video at the pentatonic guitar scales page and using the techniques of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides as demonstrated on the third video on the blues guitar instruction page, but here in this video below I'm playing exactly the same scale but further up the neck so the first position of the Pentatonic scale starts at the seventh fret on the note of B where the first chord of B7 also starts. The B Major pentatonic scale can also be played over this track.

The minor pentatonic, minor blues, major pentatonic and major blues scales are all included in the 'Blues Guitar Scales E-Book'  and also the brilliant and exceptional value for money 'Scales & Modes For Guitar' e-book too!

Slow Blues Backing Track in B

The second track below is a quick tempo blues shuffle. The chords played are basic major triad barred chords. The first chord is G major, the second chord is C major and the third chord is D major. These make up the standard I-IV-V (1-4-5) blues chord progression  that most of us know and play for the blues as discussed on the blues guitar instruction page.

For this video you can simply play the G minor pentatonic and blues scales throughout as demonstrated on the first video at the pentatonic guitar scales page. The G Major pentatonic scale can also be played over this track. Have fun!

Blues Shuffle Backing Track in G

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